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NZ Tattoo & Art Festival Photos - New Plymouth 2015 Twisted Thread

NZ Tattoo & Art Festival Photos - New Plymouth 2015

Quick Snaps from The NZ Tattoo & Arts Festival

Twisted Thread attended the NZ Tattoo & Arts Festival over the 28th and 29th of November. The festival was held in New Plymouth at the TSB Stadium. We were pleased to see the volume of tattoo artists (250+) that attended, each bringing to the table a uniquely crafted style. The festival include an array of events including skate comps, burlesque shows, danger shows, BMX, FMX, live bands and of course loads of ink. 

NZ Tattoo and Arts Festival Banner
Artists designs displayed out front whilst continually tattooing all dayTattoo Festival Ink Designs
Tattoo Prints at New Plymouth
Killer weather, loads of people, and ink everywhere.
NZ Tattoo and Arts Festival Outdoors
NZ Tattoo and Arts Festival People
Huge wall of live graffiti art taking place from multiple artists.
Graffiti  Spray CansGraffiti Artist PaintingGraffiti Art Piece in motion
Graffiti Art Wall Finished
FMX took to the skies, doing crazy back flips and the usual madnessMotorx
Halfpipe action, with sick trick and flips all day long
Skate RampSkate Deck Still ShotHalf Pipe Skate Grind
Loads of live artists performing, including Auckland band City of Souls

City of Souls at Tattoo and Arts Festival


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