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Parkway Drive NZ 2015 - Logan Campbell Centre

12 Best Things About Parkway Drive Ire Tour

I've got four words for you...


Parkway - Drive - Killed - It!

1. Supporting Act - Thy Art Is Murder


3. And His Crazy Hair Going On

Thy Art is Murder Moshing

3. This Red Lighting Effects

Parkway Drive NZ Red Lighting

4. And Then Some Cool Blue Lightings

Parkway Drive NZ Blue Lighting

5. When They Finally Got The Sound Balanced Correctly 

Parkway Drive NZ Sounds

6. The Crazy Hulk Breakdown Smash

Parkway Drive Hulk Smash Breakdwon Gif

7. Horns Coming Out

Parkway Drive NZ Horns

8. Amazing Bunch of Sweaty Bogans

Parkway Drive NZ Sweaty Bogans

9. Br00tal Injuries From the Pit (Caution Graphic!)

Parkway Drive Injury

10. Security Guards Trying to Stop Crowd Surfing .. All Night ... L0lz

Parkway Drive Crowd Surf

11. Memphis May Fire's Apology

Memphis May Fire Apology

12. Winston McCall Always Being Happy

 Winston McCall Parkway Drive Happy

- Twisted Thread
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  • Nina

    Great post! It surely was an amazing gig – everyone was so amped for Parkway Drive which made for an amazing vibe! The stand in guitarist was incredible – and the last min appearance from Lookin Up was good form.

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