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What Will My Boss Think of My Tattoo? Twisted Thread

What Will My Boss Think of My Tattoo?

Or should I get just some new streetwear instead?

Hard to say really. What kind of tattoo did you get? Where did you get it? What kind of job are you in? Maybe decent streetwear is a better option?

These are just some of the millions of questions that might be going through your head when it comes to getting a new tattoo. Society these days is way more accepting of tattoos than it was previously. Less than 80 years ago it was a common sight to see a tattooed man in the freak show – even more shocking if it was a lady! Dear me, I need a cup of tea and a lie down.

tattooed lady  


Thankfully the world has opened its eyes a bit more and also shown a whole lot more skin to be inked. Although there are still some portions of society that have a few tattoo hang ups it’s not entirely just a generational thing either. Tattoos have expanded way beyond something that was commonly only associated with soldiers at war. All types of people are getting tattoos – we’ve all seen a tramp stamp and a basic stencil, but we now get to see some great sleeves and fully customised work.

Sailor Jerry flash sheet


Getting back to the employment issue. Recently a chap with a full facial tattoo appealed to the public for a job. Mark Cropp and his ‘Devast8’ tattoo captured headlines around the world recently when he said his facial ink stopped him from getting a job. It wasn’t really the most artistic piece of the year but it sure did get some attention. His job hunt went viral and he finally landed a job working as a scaffolder. Had he been looking for a job at an early childcare centre the result may have been a little bit different.


Source: @NZHerald

The key to blending your tattoo with your work is to make sure the line of work blends with your tattoo. Take a look at the business world these days and although you may not see any ink, there is plenty of it under those white collars.

Keep in mind where your work clothes start and finish and your tattoo location is going to work with your employer. A classic example of hidden tattoos is the popular Japanese Yakuza style. This is a full body type of tattoo that leaves bare skin in specific areas so that the tattoo can’t be see when wearing clothes. Clever huh? Plus most Yakuza tats tell an intricate story about the subject and their life…which is usually as part of the Japanese mafia…so, yeah, pick your style well.



Style is always going to be the key when it comes to making your choice of body work. Sadly your choice of paid work may not always fit with the body work. The best advice we can give is: either a) find a job that allows body art or b) hide your tattoos well. There probably is a third option but that involves picking the right six or so numbers on Wednesday or Saturday evenings; easier to stick to one of the first two options.

Therefore pick a tat and pick a place on your body that is going to fit with your career choice. Unlike decent streetwear it is a bit tricky to pop your new ink into the laundry on Monday morning and head off to your nine to five stuffy office job.


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