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Westfest 2016 - Auckland NZ - Artists Announced Twisted Thread

Westfest 2016 - Auckland NZ - Artists Announced

Westfest 2016 Auckland

Westfest 2016, Saturday 30th 2016

It’s back again, the Westfest’16 punk rock extravaganza. This time round it’s the brother, it’s not the metal mania that it has been in the past 2 years but gives the spotlight to punk rock for a change.

It’s at a much smaller venue than the usual stadium type setup, which will pack a good vibe not to mention that it’s based on a weekend for the first time.

This year’s spectacular line up includes big name acts: NOFX, Hatebreed Refused, Saving Grace, Antagonist A.D., Sonehurst, The Bleeders, For all Eternity, Bulletbelt and Dawn of Azazel.


Punk Rock, Ska Punk, Skate Punk, Hardcore Punk, and maybe even pop punk. You name it they play it. Los Angeles based band has been gunning it for over 30 years. This is not their first visit to NZ, so many fans will rejoice to the return. 12 Studio albums strong, It’ll be interesting to see what’s on the set list this time around. Never the less, this is one band that many will go solely to see. Legends.


American hardcore/metalcore band are returning to NZ. Now many NZ’ers won’t have to fly over to Soundwave to destroy everything. After a long amount of thought and perseverance, Jasta has decided to fit New Zealand into their tour. The audience at the small gig location in Kumeu is likely to be packed to the threshold due to such an announcement. Competing with crowd favourite NOFX, Hatebreed has assured us that they will be heard.


Well renowned Swedish hardcore punk band is a surprise visit. Coming off a hiatus since 2013, the hardcore phenomenon is rightfully an honored mention in the line up. Carrying over 1 million listens on many spotify songs, this band proves that the Sweeds know how to do it right. One song to watch out for live is an older song that they’re likely to finish their set with … New Noise. You heard it here first.

Quick Fire Answers

  • Yes there is parking, book a Car Parking Pass for $8 from the website.
  • Public Transport available from Auckland City
  • Stalls onsite to buy food merch & goodies.
  • E-Tickets Sent to Your Email Address


Kumeu Showgrounds 35/41 Access Rd - about 20 mins North West of Auckland


Check out Refused – New Noise

How does this compare to the past 2 Westfests? Comment Below.

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