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Turnstile Hardcore - NZ Tour January 2016 Twisted Thread

Turnstile Hardcore - NZ Tour January 2016

turnstile hardcore new zealand poster


Turnstile New Zealand Tour 2016 

Highly anticipated punk hardcore band Turnstile are making their way from Baltimore U.S. to tour NZ. Now 5 years strong, Turnstile is considered among many to be a refreshing addition to the hardcore scene. Forming back in 2010. This band has moved swiftly, from strength to strength, releasing their first powerful EP Pressure to Succeed in 2011. 

Trapped under Ice’s drummer Brendan Yates front s the five-piece band, with frantic vocals that are matched by equally unmasked energy levels. Surely this is one of the biggest upcoming hardcore bands we have seen take the stage … globally. When you listen to Turnstile you know there is no half-arsed efforts.

Moving into 2013 we saw yet another EP Step 2 the Rhythm, which drove home the band's full level of enthusiasm, with high energy under-laid by fanatic groove and various tempos. What makes the style epic is the slow paced riffs that lead into absolute frenzied breakdowns. Whilst there are some clean vocals on chorus’s such as “keep it moving”, we see that this embodies the hardcore spirit – by no means a compromise to their sound.

Now 2015, Turnstile’s first full release Nonstop Feeling walks a less travelled path. Building from their first two releases, Turnstile has nothing but mastered their hardcore-groove style. Whilst their first two releases were well received, they didn’t cover any new territory that 90’s hardcore hadn’t. Nonstop feeling amalgamates a series of slightly newer yet unique sounds, with heavy metallic riffs, groove rock drums, and foot stomping guitar riffs; all elements that contribute to an uncompromised live performance.

There’s, no stopping this band – with a cult following, insane live shows and a massive reputation in the hardcore scene, there’s no reason to miss one of their three new Zealand gigs.

Quick Information

  • 7th January - 8pm, La Lucha Lounge, Auckland, 18+
  • 8th January - 8pm, Diggers Bar, Hamilton, 18+
  • 9th January - 7pm, Zeal Wellington, All Ages
  • Listen to music from their Band Camp page.
  • Check out the Facebook event.


Tickets - Undertheradar $20


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