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Asking Alexandria @ The Power Station Auckland NZ 2016 Twisted Thread

Asking Alexandria @ The Power Station Auckland NZ 2016

Asking Alexandria NZ 2016

Asking Alexandria 2016, Tuesday 5th April

English metalcore band Asking Alexandria is making their way to NZ shores next week. On Tuesday night, The Power Station will be set alight with the explosive metal core band now fronted by new singer Denis stoff. This will be the first NZ appearance of the 5 piece band with this lineup.

Asking Alexandria

8 Years in, Asking Alexandria are heavy weight metalcore champions. Taking on New Zealand, the UK band will just be beginning their Global 2016 tour. The Tour comes off the back of their new release album The Black, which is said to have reached a more mature heavy rock sound than previous albums. Despite being more "mature", we see a union of multiple sounds forging from several of the band members own personal preferences, leading to what could be their musically most talented album yet.  Be sure to look out for several new songs from the new album which are sure to be backed by some cult classics. Make sure you take a moment to check out our Asking Alexandria T-Shirts on the Twisted Thread Store.


5 Piece metal band Blessthefall have built a solid fanbase and are not stranger to New Zealand. With hit album Hollow Bodies (2013) which hit #15 on the Billboard Top 200 we are left in high anticipation regarding the live performance of To Those Left Behind (2015). For a band in their prime, you won't want to miss these legends setting behind a hard act for any metal band to follow. 

Quick Fire Answers

  • The Power Station, 33 Mount Eden Rd
  • On Street Parking
  • All Ages
  • Starts 7.00pm
  • Tickets $59.90
  • Tickets Sent to Your Email

Check out Asking Alexandria's New Music Video - The Black

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