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Band T-Shirts Delivered to Every Metalhead & Rock Fan in NZ

Hi, I'm Ninya (AKA Miss Merch) welcome to Twisted Thread. I'm passionate about music, metal, rock and delivering high quality t-shirts and streetwear throughout New Zealand. We sella range of Band T-Shirts and underground streetwear brands.  

Band T-Shirts

We send genuine rock n roll t-shirts and metal band t-shirts, to metalheads, rock fans and bogans all over New Zealand. When it comes to band merch, we make sure you are getting the ‘real deal’ so that you enjoy genuine quality. Our authentic band tees are legitimate licensed items. Official licensed products Honest low prices Genuine kiwi service

Genuine Kiwi Service

We pack and send items throughout New Zealand and offer a money back guarantee (see our delivery and returns policy). You'll get a tracking number to keep tabs on your delivery.

Got questions? We are always ready answer. Feel free to send us a message via our contact page.

Rock N Roll Authenticity

Twisted Thread stocks 100% licensed band merch. When you buy legit, you’ll notice the difference in the design, print and quality. Your purchase will also be supporting your favourite band.

Unfortunately, I see shops riddled with fake band merch. You see it everywhere nowadays, from Trade Me to the shop down the road. Most of this stuff is bought from Chinese replica shops and are cheap knock offs. By buying these items, all you are doing is encouraging sweat shops in China (and ripping off your favourite band).

Fake products are unfair on you and the band. You’ll end up with non-original copy of an item (compromised quality and design), and the band doesn’t make a cent.

A life of Band Merch

I'm Ninya Dawson, the manager of Twisted Thread. I'm passionate about delivering great customer service and an authentic high quality products.You’ll often see me at events around New Zealand. I attend heaps of Metal Gigs, and also enjoy going to Tattoo & Lifestyle expos, Armageddon, stuff like that.When you buy from my site I’ll personally package and ship the items to you.