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Top 5 Unspoken Ways to Piss Your Tattoo Artist Off Twisted Thread

Top 5 Unspoken Ways to Piss Your Tattoo Artist Off

Dont anger the tatooist

Read our most recent blogs? Ready to get that tattoo? Well, make sure you have done your homework on how you act when you get in the door otherwise you are going piss you artist off. 

Tattoo artists are usually pretty cool, but years of dealing with the public and their stupid ways is going to make someone a bit edgy if the same stupid people keep coming in and asking the same stupid questions. So don't be a stupid person, you obviously are clever enough to be on our site, so take your time and have a look at a few things to avoid when you go to a tattoo studio.

  1. Know what tattoo you want. 

    No really, it's true, countless people will walk into a tattoo studio not knowing what art or ink they want to be on their body for a very long time. You wouldn't go to a restaurant and make the waiter hang around for 20 minutes whilst you looked at the menu, so don't sit down in the tattooing chair until you know for sure what you want. It's their time you are wasting, and money too if their is someone else waiting for some work.

  2. Don't ask your tattooist to copy someone else's artwork 

    Yeah, this kind of thing ain't gonna make your tattooists day. Maybe if it's some newbie with not much experience, but why are getting your tattoo from him anyway? Any decent tattooist worth their salt will also be a decent artist, so getting them to copy someone else's work is not only frustrating, it is also a little bit insulting. Metaphor time: Would you ask Picasso to draw a Renoir? Hmm, lets tone that metaphor down at bit...would you ask Ronald McDonald to make a Whopper?

  3. Haggling about the price of the tattoo 

    The price they give you is the price it costs. Not all of that money goes directly in the artists pocket, they have to pay for ink, needles, and usually a contribution back to the tattoo parlour they are working in. Plus, they have spent a lot of time perfecting their art and their clientele and they have earned the right to charge that price. Besides, if you remember our blog about picking a good tattoo artist you will know that you what you pay is a very good indicator of what kind of tattoo you are going to get.

  4. Don't turn up drunk to get a tattoo 

    Coming into the shop even half cut can be a real pain in the butt for any tattoo artist. Do you go to your doctor drunk? Do you turn up to lectures wasted? Ok, bad example, but the point here is: dont drink and ink. It's disrespectful to your tattoo artist and there's also a good chance you will regret your decision. Whilst we are on the subject of how to turn up...make sure the canvas is ready i.e. have a shower beforehand. Nothing like having to work on someone who reeks of B.O for a couple of hours. Your artist hopefully will pay attention to all of rule number four as well. If they do, it's usually a good sign you are in the right shop.

  5. Not listening to your tattooist.

    A tattoo is incredibly invasive to your body so making sure you take care of it once it's done is essential. Therefore if your artist says keep it covered and out of the sun the perhaps spending all day on the beach the moment your work is complete is probably not a good idea. The same thing goes for any other advice your tattooist gives you. If she thinks a swastika on your forehead may affect your job prospects, probably worth listening too. Listening to their advice about who to marry or what car to buy or why Pantera will always be the best death metal band in the world...well, that's when the choice to listen is up to you.

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