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12 Body Parts to Get Tattooed Before You Die Twisted Thread

12 Body Parts to Get Tattooed Before You Die

body parts tattooed

If you have read our last few blogs about good tattooists and good tattoos, you are probably ready to take the plunge and get that ink you’ve been thinking about.

Quick early tip – make sure you’ve had a good think about that ink because you are going to have it hang around you for a bit. You’ve probably heard that advice a million times, but once more never hurts. If you’ve already got a tattoo - or several tattoos - then you will know that picking where the art work goes is as important as what tattoo streetwear you are going to wear and where you are going to wear it. Tattoo tshirts can be changed, tattoo hoodies can be washed, tattoos tend to last a bit longer.

Body parts for your tattoo


1. Arm tattoos

Probably the most common place to see a tattoo, although not necessarily the most common place that people get a tattoo. The arm is a great place to be able to show off your tattoo. In summer there’s always plenty of opportunities to wear short sleeves and you can always cover an arm tattoo if your boss isn’t a fan. Arms don’t hurt…as much as other areas to get tattooed, although the inner arm is a killer, so just be aware of that if you want that tattoo band all the way around. Tattoo sleeves are also huge atm.

2. Lower back tattoos 

ah yes, the fabled ‘tramp stamp’. A cliché area for some girls to get their first tattoo and that’s one of the reasons it’s a super popular area. I once knew a guy that tattooed his own name there in massive gothic font – yeah, never quite worked that one out.

3. The rest of the back 

The back is a favourite place not only for people get tattoos but also for the tattooist themselves because it’s the biggest and flattest canvas on the human body. Tattooists can relax, stretch out and really go to work with some huge pieces. The pain level is manageable compared to other areas but there is one catch; you will never get to see it without a mirror or camera.

4. Leg ink

In my honest opinion, leg tattoos look tough. Maori and Samoan tribal tattoos – Pe’a – are intricate pieces of work that look amazing. If you are going fully authentic and get the work done traditionally then it is also very painful. Modern tattoos on your legs wont hurt as much as traditional techniques if you are putting ink of on your thighs, but if you are thinking inking knees or shins – that’s a whole world of pain right there.     

Ethnic Leg Tattoo Design

5. Facial artwork

Speaking of traditional tattoos, facial tattooing has a powerful effect, both physical and spiritual. However, there is such a social stigma attached to facial tattooing that you really need to consider your motives for such a place. Ta Moko is one thing, but get any other kind of ink of your face and don’t be surprised if people consider you to be some kind of crazy person or gang member. 

6. Hand tattoos 

This is another area that has a lot of negative stigma attached. But beside that fact, it’s also a tough area to tattoo. Not only is it a small space but also given how much you use your hands and how much that skin moves each day, a tattoo here just wont last. Think about that if you are getting your wedding band tattooed…

7. Chest pieces

If it’s close to your heart, stick it on your chest. Odd though, as the heart is more centrally located, but most tattoos are usually more on a metaphorical level than literal level. In any case, it’s a great spot to show your passion and there’s plenty of flesh there to work with.

8. Tummy tattoos 

This is one spot that is not too popular even though it’s a large canvas to work in as it is a very painful area to get a tattoo. The skin here is very sensitive to such work and most people tend to avoid it, unless everywhere else is already inked. Our best advice for covering this area with tattoo art would be to visit our store and find a sick tshirt or hoodie to do the job – pain free. chest tattoo

9. Ankle tattoos 

Usually a great place to sneak a small tattoo in and no one will ever find out.

10. Wrist designs

Usually a great place to sneak a small tattoo in and pretty soon everyone will find out. wrist tattoo

11. Butt ink

A Big lump of flesh, starved of sunlight, that no one will get to see – sounds great for some work, but there’s a reason why it was the first place teachers used to choose for canings.

12. Genital tattoos 

Yes, we went there, and so do a few people as well. It’s a personal choice, a very personal choice, but tattooists will ink there if you so wish. Bear in mind tattoos in that area may be refused and if they are accepted then you will most likely be asked to pay an additional ‘handling’ fee should you want to go ahead. At least it’s a safe bet that your boss isn’t going to see a tattoo there.

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