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Deadboy Records 10th Birthday – Kings Arms



10 Years is a long time for anything to last in New Zealand. In fact, times have changed a lot in the last 10 years. Reminiscing back to 05 brings up some serious nostalgia; Blindspott was on repeat via the CD Discman (or perhaps you were lucky enough to have a minidisc), leather chucks were well kept and Out of Time was a hit on C4.

The amount of alternative NZ bands still around from 2005 I can count on one hand. Back then there with listening pleasures such as This Night Creeps, Cold By Winter and the Bleeders. 2005 saw the birth of Antagonist A.D. and more to the point NZ independent record label Deadboy records.

 Deadboy Records considers itself to be the home to NZ’s finest in Alternative Music. Formed in 2005, Deadboy has moved from strength to strength signing on bands such as Every Man for Himself, Jury & The Saints and In Dread Response. Celebrating 10 years as a record label is a fine achievement, not to mention 30 releases of local (mostly) NZ hardcore, metal, punk and rock music.


 Saturday night offered up a solid delivery from bands Out Cold A.D., Too Late, Saving Grace, Depths and Prowler. For one cheeky Kate Sheppard, this show was an absolute steal not mention the free CD at the door. The Kings Arm Tavern (AKL) is always a sick gig venue. They have this sound guy (has a legendary beard) that knows what he’s doing – so the vibes there are always on point.

 Saving Grace delivered up a tight set, the room got sweaty and much water/beer was chugged down as a result. Nick (vocals) delivered a gripping scream that is encompassed some seriously raw heart. Breakdowns were clean, and the energy in the room was buzzing - Vasely’s (guitarist & co-founder of Deadboy Records) wasn’t afraid to break half of the stage set. And a great celebration it was.

 Palmerston North based Death Metal band Depths had an unnerving sound. The room got dark and atmospheric. The sound was crushing and the vibe was heavy and unearthly. As Vasely put it “DEPTHS is the heaviest band in New Zealand. Without a shadow of a single doubt.”

An all round sick show, this was definitely one of the best gigs so far this year. Make sure you dust your chucks off and head down to a local gig near you soon. NZ has some serious talent – so flick a few pennies’ to help these local bands out and have a rad time. Local NZ hardcore bands have regular shows and often tour most parts of NZ.



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