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My Chemical Romance NZ 2023 - Concert Guide Twisted Thread

My Chemical Romance NZ 2023 - Concert Guide

my chemical romance nz 2023

My Chemical Romance NZ - Reunion Tour 2023

It’s been nearly a decade since My Chemical Romance rocked the stage and 11 years since their last performance in New Zealand at the Big day out 2012. But finally, the ‘My Chemical Romance reunion tour’ that has taken the world by storm is heading to Auckland this March.

The band broke up in 2013, and the group members went on solo projects. That is until 2019 when they surprised fans by announcing a reunion show in Los Angeles. The “MCRmy” and regular fans alike were in disbelief, and tickets to the show sold out in 4 minutes!

The reunion tour is the band’s biggest-ever tour since its inception over 20 years ago, and it has already been a massive hit with fans overseas. The tour generated $20 Million (USD) in sales on its first stop-over in Europe, and Billboards estimate that by the time it is all said and done, the tour will bring in over $60 Million (USD).

The band’s long-serving agent Matt Galle spoke about the significance of this particular reunion tour, saying, “You never knew if it was going to happen again or not.” And upon the conclusion of their first show, he spoke about how “It was very emotional to see them back,”. We are sure this a sentiment that many MCR fans will also attest to; even American female rapper Cardi B showed surprising love for my chemical romance at the outset of the tour, tweeting, “they don’t make music like this anymore,” and posting a clip of the bands hit single “I’m not okay (I promise)”.

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Who is opening for My Chemical Romance in NZ?

  • Goodnight Nurse
  • Miss June
  • Lips

My Chemical Romance Live in Auckland (Details):

Former and lifelong emos are rejoicing as My Chemical Romance brings their reunion tour to Auckland's Western Springs Outer Fields this March! Below are details about the concert and venue.

  • General Admission tickets from $139 via Ticketmaster
  • There are no seats or reserved areas at Western Springs Outer Fields. It’s a first come, first served policy.
  • Main entrance is at the Cnr of Great North Rd and Bullock Track; view the sitemap of the venue here.
  • No age restrictions, however everyone must present a ticket regardless of age
  • Permanent parking restricts disallow parking near the venue
  • Bullock track will be closed off on the day, except for residents
  • ATMs are unavailable. But EFTPOS and paywave options are available.
  • Footwear must always be worn.
  • Food trucks are present with vegetarian and vegan options. Free water stations are available.
  • Limited accessibility car park at the entrance of the stadium. These must be pre-booked.
  • Limited accessibility drop-off point located on Cnr of Great North Rd and Stadium Road.

MCR Concert Location:

What is the best way to get to the concert?


The Western Springs Outer Fields are within walking distance from the surrounding suburbs of Western Springs, Point Chevalier, Morningside, Ponsonby and Westmere. However, you will need to get there early as appropriate street parking is limited.

Taxi and Rideshare:

Taxi or rideshare options can quickly drop you off in areas adjacent to the venue; from there is a short walk to the concert.


Morningside train station is a 5-minute drive or 20-minute walk to the venue. This is a good option for people travelling from far off.


Central city bus links stop on Great North Rd, right in front of the venue. This is the recommended way to get to the concert.

music concert at western springs outer fields

Things that you can take with you to the MCR concert:

  1. Empty plates bottles – 750ml max capacity
  2. Sealed water bottles – 750ml max capacity
  3. Self/home prepared food
  4. Prams and strollers

Things that you can not take with you to the MCR concert:

  1. Beverages, alcohol, or Illicit drugs.
  2. Commercially branded foods, including takeaways
  3. Smoke-free venue (no cigarettes or vapes)
  4. Chains or studded jewellery
  5. Animals, except for guide dogs
  6. Chilly bins and furniture
  7. Professional cameras (including go pros), video cameras, selfie sticks or drones
  8. Bikes, scooters and skateboards
  9. All dangerous goods or weapons

Note: all banned items can be confiscated and not returned.

More on My Chemical Romance:

My Chemical Romance was formed in 2001 in their native state of New Jersey. In 2022 they debuted with their first album, “I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love”, but the album that kicked things off for the band was undoubtedly, “My black parade” (2006) which featured the hit single “Welcome to the black parade” which hit #1 in the UK charts.

Why did they breakup in the first place?

After a stellar 12 years together, My Chemical Romance broke up in 2013, which shocked many fans at the time. The band’s lead singer, Gerard Way, speaking on the way it all ended, said, “It wasn’t fun to make stuff anymore. I think breaking up the band broke us out of that machine.” He also spoke about the pressure to succeed continually, the endless opinions of “how MCR should be”, and the haunting question of “is it ever going to be good enough?” all contributing to MCR disbanding.

What does MCRmy mean, and who are they?

mcarmy man

MCRmy, or ‘My Chemical Romance army”, is the dedicated fanbase of My Chemical Romance. MCRmy members are known to support each other online through various social media channels, attend concerts together, hold events and advocate for the band wherever and whenever they can. Local MCRmy social media groups (with a significant following) are established in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America.

What happened to the MCR NZ tour of 2020?

My Chemical Romance Tour Poster New Zealand 2020

MCR was previously scheduled to come to New Zealand in 2020 as part of their reunion tour. However, the tour and subsequent show was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the various international lockdowns which followed. Ironically, the day the show was supposed to be held was also the first day of New Zealand’s nationwide lockdown to combat the spread of the virus.

Fingers crossed for the My Chemical Romance NZ 2023 concert! 🤞

My Chemical Romance Reunion Tour 2022/2023

My Chemical Romance in NZ 2012


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