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In Flames - Tickets & Details - Auckland 2020 - Cancelled Twisted Thread

In Flames - Tickets & Details - Auckland 2020 - Cancelled


In Flames to Play Headline Show March 2020, Tickets and More

Update 15 March 2020 - Concert has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. 

One of the last remaining pioneering Swedish death metal groups to play one show in Auckland, March 2020.

Hailed as one of the first and last standing Swedish death metal groups, In Flames, have announced they will play one sideshow off Australia's Download festival in Auckland. The group has remained true to the genre for the last 20 years whilst also taking steps in a new direction to make more alternative metal as well. 13 albums deep into their career, they have an enormous back catalog to play from. 

    In Flames 

    Established in 1990 by Jesper Strömblad, In Flames was originally side project for the guitarist. It eventually moved to a full-time band for him when he realised he would be able to write more of the music he wanted to. Added to the band was Glenn Ljungstrom on guitar and Johan Larrson on bass. The group didn't have a permanent lead singer until 1995 when Anders Fridenn as the permanent lead singer and in 1997 both Larrson and Ljungstorm left the group.

    By 1999 the new line up was Niklas Engelin and Peter Iwers who was part of the fourth album, Colony. After several successful albums, founding member Jesper Stromblad parted ways with the group and was replaced with returning member Niclas EngelinNow with an established line up and 13 albums under their belt, the band have cemented themselves as one of the most iconic and last standing Swedish death metal band of all time.

    Over their long career, they have toured with Slipknot, Dreamtheater, Slayer and many more well-known bands. Many metal bands today cite the group as their influence including Still Remains and As I Lay Dying, they have truly paved the way for the metal genre. 

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    In Flames Auckland Ticket Info

    • All ages, tickets range from $79.90


    Concert Location

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    Check out In Flame's video for I Am Above 


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