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Deftones - Tickets & Details - Auckland 2020 - Postponed Twisted Thread

Deftones - Tickets & Details - Auckland 2020 - Postponed

Deftones to play Headline Show Feb 2020, Tickets And More

Update 13 March 2020 - Concert has been postponed due to the coronavirus. 

Grammy award-winning alternative metal heavyweights Deftones to play a one-off show in Auckland for the first time in six years. 

Since their last album release in 2016, Gore, Californian alt-rock group Deftones have been busy, In 2018, Deftones curated and headlined their own festival, 'Dia De Los Deftones'. Selling out the last two years, the eclectic lineups hosted everyone from Future and Chvrches, to Gojira and Megan Thee Stallion. Known for being pioneers in the genre of new metal they are often associated with the likes of Tool, and even collaborated with them in the past. Deftones have always set themselves apart as a band that is for the larger part, uncomparable. They say their inspiration comes from a wide range of genres including rock, rap, and shoegaze. 

Band line up 

  • Yet to be announced 



Since 1998, Deftones have been known for their unique sound that blurs the line between genres and sound, Deftones remains to this day one of the most influential bands in the world. Seven of their albums have been certified platinum and one certified gold.

Originating in California, the band was formed by Stephen Carpenter ho taught himself guitar when he was in an accident resulting in him being in a wheelchair. School friends with vocalist and guitarist Chino Moreno and drummer Abe Cunningham they famed a trio, then joined by Chi Cheng as the bassist who passed away in 2013.

Following his death, Sergio Vega joined as the new bassist. Playing last at Big Day Out in 2014, the band's setlist will stretch across their wide catalog of music. Their last album, Gore, was hailed by critics as their best album is the 2000s' White Pony.

Defining their diversity across genres' the group has worked in their own separate projects alongside Deftones, Chino Moreno, forming Team Sleep and Crosses. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter has worked in supergroup Kush alongside Fear Factory and Cypress Hill, only further proving their diverse genre reach. 

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Deftones Ticket Info

  • All ages, tickets range from $109 - $119 from Ticket Fairy




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Check out Deftones video for Diamond Eyes

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  • Tim Nesdale

    What time does the first set start? Need to know what time to fly in from Wellington

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